About us

Our objectives

1) By quantifying athletes' physical ability and performance in races, set numerical objectives as a practical physical goal. Introduce detail method to achieve objectives and check the progress.

2) Based on experiment and latest research articles, support to improve athletes' performance in a practical competition field.
3) Go through with, contribute to improve competition level to cope enough in cycling home competition field.
4) Offer our method developed in competition field to support amateur athletes as a generalized service.

What is important ability as a bicycle road racer?

The essential abilities for a bicycle road racer are,

Physical ability
Skill (in motion and tactics for a race)
Strong will to win

Bicycle racers should posses these elements in well balanced. But each of them is just a element to improve the odds to win. The process to win a bicycle road race is very complicated and it is impossible to win just one element of them. No one can win the race easily, It requires not only physical ability but also skills from experience to view the whole race. Most winners have experienced the feeling that "It is over today " in the race but it is not rare that the "dying" athlete turns the table to win. The athlete who has "more guts" or "more patience" in the final moment can touch the victory. All the elements are improved mutually through the experiences in races and trainings.
The athlete who doesn't have enough physical ability to remain in the race can not learn effectively from the race. He is only suffered, and can not get anything from the experience. Well balanced is important even in a learning process.

Though many information about training are introduced ,

Enormous amount of information are introduced by magazines and web sites in these days.
But most of them do not have scientific evidence or background, they are just a kind of "legend" or "rule".
It is not easy to answer,

  1) How strong am I now? (What is my strength and what am I good at?)
  2) Does my training have worth to continue? ( or just a waste of time?)
  3) How much training should I do to reach my objectives?

Many athletes feel vaguely anxious and try to find out their own way with trials and errors.
It is similar to a sailing without a compass or a chart in the ocean.
It requires long time to improve physical ability.
It is pity that if it has appeared to be just wasting of time after the long term dedication for training. It will be a serious problem especially for young athletes.
The best time to improve physical ability by leaps and bounds in a life is limited.

The keyword is "quantification"

The first approach for the solution is "quantification". Bicycle race is an exceptional sport which athletes can measure workload even in an Olympic game or a world championship.
This quantification can answer these questions; When the athlete can not follow the final selected group?, How the history of performance cause the suffering?, How much workload should athlete accomplish?, How much performance is required to reach the level?
By combining the physiological knowledge and the data processing, it brings into new information.

Working with athletes

We have been working collaboratively with professional riders, including Japanese UCI continental teams, UCI pro continental team riders, Japan National team and their athletes (Olympic game athletes). We have developed our novel analyzing method and provided the latest training method with them to improve their performance.

The Guts? Scientific approach?

The Guts? or Scientific way?
In every sport, all elements; physical ability, skills, strong will to win,
should be combined to pull victory. Generally called "scientific approach" points only physical ability improvement. Sometimes it refers as it is opposition to the "guts".
However, bicycle race is not so simple that only "guts" or "scientific approach" can conquer. Athlete has to fight with full capacity for the race and sometimes get the last-minute win.

Measuring the race

Some athletes show amazing performance in a race despite for his poor performance in the laboratory. The real performance of the athlete is the one which he demonstrated in actual races.
By looking at the performance data obtained from the race, it is impossible to distinguish both physical ability and guts from it. Performance the athlete did in the race is integration of those elements and it is his all.
The goal is not to produce a high value in the laboratory but to reveal all his ability to win the race. From that point of view, we recommend to measure not only in training but also in the actual race.

BlueWych, support athletes to improve performance based on quantification by power.

・Performance evaluation and assessment of the athlete by analyzing power.

・Based on power data analysis, give advice and manage training.



Katsuyuki Kakinoki
・1996 Received Ph.D (Engineering) at Tohoku University
・1996 Research Assistant at Tohoku University, Institute for Chemical Reaction andSience(Current IMRAM now)
・1997 JSR Croporation
     Chemical Process Depelopment Group
Research team leader
・2008 Launch BlueWych Co. Ltd.

Takayuki Kakinoki
・1995 Japan Road Race Individual Time Trial Champion
Japan National Team member (World Championship Road ITT and Road Race in Columbia)
・1995~1997 Race in Italy and Japan
・2007 Director for Nippo-Colnago
・2008 Coach for Nippo-Endeka

Our research and supporting activity

 Start collaborative research project with Prof. Hideo Hatta(University of Tokyo)

 University of Oxford
Science and Medicine of Athletic performance (Prof. Uwe Ackerman)
Collaborative research project with Dr.Castell, Dr.Baskerville (Radcliffe Infirmary
University of Oxford)

Start to collect race data at UCI Europe Tour races as a collaborative work with
Team Vang Cycling (Shinichi Fukushima, Takashi Miyazawa)

 Start to collaborative work with Nippo-Colnago, race data collection and testing physical ability improvement in training

 Launch BlueWych Co. Ltd.
 Collaborative work with Meitan-GDR to collect race data (UCI Europe Tour Race)
Takashi Miyazawa (current Saxo Tinkoff, UCI Pro)
Yukiya Arashiro (current Europe Car, UCI Pro Continental)
Start to collaborative work with University of Tokyo Cycling Team to test physical ability improvement in training.

Outline of company

Blue Wych合同会社
 Representative Dr.Katsuyuki Kakinoki

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